The RDC Competition Team is designed for dancers to grow technically and competitively while gaining the invaluable lessons of good sportsmanship, friendship, team unity, and a deeper love for dance.


We truly believe that becoming a competition dancer helps put students on track for success and a faster pace of progress. Competing in competitions allows dancers to gain stage experience, exposes them to other influences, meet new friends, teaches teamwork and enhances self-esteem.


Our competitive team requires dancers to make a larger commitment to their dance training. Ballet class is mandatory at the competition level for any student dancing in our group routines.


All level placements are chosen after the audition and are based on technical ability, work ethic, performance quality, and attitude. Our competitive team is a commitment from both the parents and the student. Every team member is required to take the appropriate technique classes chosen for him or her based on audition results.


Dancers age seven and up that are interested must attend our company audition to be placed in the appropriate level. With the discretion of our instructors, dancers can be placed at different levels throughout the entire season. 


Contact the studio if you'd like to learn more about our competitive dance family or joining us for the coming Fall season.

JULIANNA 2020.jpg

"My top 2 favorite things about being on the RDC competition team are that it helps me socialize and make new friends and that all of us on the team are like family."

Julianna Stallone 

Age: 12

Years on team: 1