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Most dance studios have re-opened and are in full swing... well almost.

As a studio owner I was worried about what our Summer classes would look like.

I am thrilled to report that we have great enrollment and our families are happy and feeling safe and comfortable.

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again the dance community is a rare and special one. While we were all nervous about what the future would bring during these times, deep down we knew with dancers and dance families behind us we would all be alright.

Stay involved in your dance studio. This community is one you will miss one day.

If you are not comfortable being back just yet, check in and stay in communication with your director. We want to hear from you. We want to help and we are ready to talk with you about your concerns.

If you are back, you also need to stay in communication with your director and teachers. Let us know how we can help to make your experience great. Pandemic or not we are here for you and are happy to be dancing with you again.

I think I can speak for all studio owners when I say, thank you, thank you for being there, thank you for coming back, thank you for supporting us and staying with us so we can stay with you.

Welcome back dance community. We have a little ways to go still but with the strength that this unique community can offer I have no doubt success is in our future.

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