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About us
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Since its founding in 2007 by Jaime Montana, Revelations Dance Center has sustained a positive reputation of being an environment for creating well-rounded students of all ages and abilities. For more than 30 years Miss Jaime has continued her dance training through performance as well as education, graduating from Dean College in Franklin, MA with her degree in the art of dance.
At RDC we see dance as a whole life experience, encompassing not only dance technique but valuable life lessons. A strong technical foundation in dance coupled with a love and respect for the art form are key components to a fun-filled learning environment. Our themed recitals incorporate world and community awareness through dance and this awareness is reinforced throughout the year.

The early years of training include the discovery of movement while learning correct dance terminology. It is essential that children have fun while learning to dance in order for them to want to participate fully in class. Children progress in our program through individual achievement within our curriculum. They will be taught by mature, educated professionals with experience in education as well as the art of dance.  
The serious dancer is offered a comprehensive course of study incorporating dance history, performance opportunities, and professional experiences. Our Company members will be exposed to innovative cutting-edge choreography as well as intensive technique work. Revelations Dance Center takes tremendous pride in its alumni, many of whom have continued on to prestigious dance colleges as well as professional dance companies. Our greatest pride, however, is in knowing that the loving, family environment at RDC had some part in the lives of so many strong, determined, valuable young adults


Our Story


We aspire to be a safe space for our students to learn, work and grow together as we guide them toward lifting up their fellow dancers through encouragement and teamwork. 



We consistently approach all classes as a way to teach life skills through dance while encouraging our dancers to step outside of their comfort zone and take risks to further their dance education and character development. 



We seize every opportunity to encourage, guide, and grow every dancer into a leader. We view dance as a tool used in our leadership program. 



We strive to make sure every child feels safe and included. We meet all dancers where they are at and encourage all students to find the uniqueness in everyone and the beauty that lives within that space. We celebrate all wins with enthusiasm and pride.

Core Values
Inclusive classes

At Revelations Dance Center, we believe in providing dance classes that are inclusive and accessible to individuals of all ages and abilities. Our commitment is to offer a welcoming environment where everyone can participate and thrive. That's why we proudly provide inclusion classes specifically designed for children with special needs, led by our experienced and compassionate staff.

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Miss Jaime

Miss Jaime
Artistic Director

Miss Lisa

Miss Lisa
Assistant Director

Miss Bernadette

Miss Bernadette

Miss Giana

Miss Gianna

Miss Linda

Miss Linda
Business Manager

Miss Anne

Miss Anne
Office Manager

Miss Kim

Miss Kim
Office Staff

Memorial Scholarship
In Honor Of:
Elizabeth Wittmann, Anne & Gene O’Leary, Joe Puleo

Our scholarship was established in 2007 in memory of a very special dancer that has helped inspire Revelations Dance Center into existence. Over the years we have added three more individuals whom all exhibited the same love of dance and shared that inspiration with the dance community.

Elizabeth Wittmann was a beautiful young dancer who was full of natural talent that was a gift to all who experienced it. Elizabeth, (Tizzy) was one of the first students Miss Jaime ever had that had a very special way of connecting with an audience and evoking joy and many emotions at every performance and all the classes in between. She was indeed a beloved student of Miss Jaime’s and she left an indelible mark on her heart.

Anne & Gene O’Leary were two supportive and loving people in the lives of many at Revelations and even pre-dating RDC. They were the parents of Miss Jeanne Marie and the grandparents of Hailey. Annie and Gene both always encouraged and supported the art of dance in their own children and grandchildren as well as anyone who shared the dream of dance. They truly recognized what a gift dance could be to a young person and their actions always supported that. Annie was one of the best friends a human could have and she brought that to so many at RDC.

Joe Puleo (Mr. Joe), was a most inspirational and amazing teacher of dance. He shared his beautiful spirit with both his students and fellow dance teachers. His piercing sapphire eyes shone with passion and love. Mr. Joe inspired everyone who came in contact with him without saying a word. His gift was rare and powerful. It was a great honor to teach alongside him and call him a friend. To say that Mr. Joe was an earth angel, would be an understatement.

Our Memorial Scholarship is our way of honoring these extraordinary humans, and the many more that have led us to a place that allows us to share the beauty and passion of dance with our students.

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