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In Honor Of:

Elizabeth Wittmann, Anne & Gene O’Leary, Joe Puleo

Our scholarship was established in 2007 in memory of a very special dancer that has helped inspire Revelations Dance Center into existence. Over the years we have added three more individuals whom all exhibited the same love of dance and shared that inspiration with the dance community.


Elizabeth Wittmann was a beautiful young dancer who was full of natural talent that was a gift to all who experienced it. Elizabeth, (Tizzy) was one of the first students Miss Jaime ever had that had a very special way of connecting with an audience and evoking joy and many emotions at every performance and all the classes in between. She was indeed a beloved student of Miss Jaime’s and she left an indelible mark on her heart.


Anne & Gene O’Leary were two supportive and loving people in the lives of many at Revelations and even pre-dating RDC. They were the parents of Miss Jeanne Marie and the grandparents of Hailey. Annie and Gene both always encouraged and supported the art of dance in their own children and grandchildren as well as anyone who shared the dream of dance. They truly recognized what a gift dance could be to a young person and their actions always supported that. Annie was one of the best friends a human could have and she brought that to so many at RDC.

Joe Puleo (Mr. Joe), was a most inspirational and amazing teacher of dance. He shared his beautiful spirit with both his students and fellow dance teachers. His piercing sapphire eyes shone with passion and love. Mr. Joe inspired everyone who came in contact with him without saying a word. His gift was rare and powerful. It was a great honor to teach alongside him and call him a friend. To say that Mr. Joe was an earth angel, would be an understatement.


Our Memorial Scholarship is our way of honoring these extraordinary humans, and the many more that have led us to a place that allows us to share the beauty and passion of dance with our students.