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Every year many people start off with resolutions and things they want to leave behind in the past year. For many this doesn’t last. So, what if instead we added instead of subtracting?

Now this can be tricky because in dance there are bad habits that we do want to try and avoid but what if we changed the language? Instead of looking in the mirror and picking apart what you are doing wrong, look for what you are doing right and focus on that. Give yourself a pat on the back and maybe that would trickle down to the things you are looking to improve. So if you see that back side sticking out, instead of trying to make it stop, figure out what you can do to add to your alignment and the problem may fix itself. Try adding in some abdominal exercises to strengthen your core and in the process you will help combat that backside while developing a stronger core which is something that every dancer could use.

So, take it easy on yourself and shift your focus. After all as dancers we need to live outside of our comfort zone and continuing to shift in a positive way with how we work on things will “align” us in the right direction.

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