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As we settle in to a new year of dance let’s be sure that we are setting our dancers and ourselves up for success. As studio owners/Directors and dance educators we realize that the start of a new school year can be overwhelming for students and parents.

Here are some easy ways to make sure you are on top of your game:

• Add reminders in your phone of your new schedule.

• Check the studios website to make sure you are ready to go with proper attire and any additional purchases that may need to be made.

• Checking your parent portal is also a great way to ensure class times and payment info as well as policies.

• Take some time to set up your dancers dance bag. This is key, even if they are only enrolled in one class.

• Pack and extra pair of tights, hair brush, extra hair ties, dance shoes, water, snack and even a notebook for your dancer to jot down some thoughts or notes after class.

• You can also check to see if your studio offers hair kits to make things easy.

• Don’t forget to set your family up with studio merch to show your pride in your dancer.

• If your dancer has been given a skill card or sticker card, be sure to have that clipped onto their bag.

• Taking the time now to review and prepare will make for a smoother year for you and your dancer.

Hoping all dancers and dance families have a wonderful year inside the studio and out!

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