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After spending a week away at a very inspirational conference my passion and spirit for sharing the art of dance has been re-born!

My biggest take away is something that I already knew but had gotten complacent with. Fundamentals can be FUN! Breaking things down and doing one step at a time in a fun way really is the best way for all learners to learn. Whether you are a visual learner, auditory learner, kinesthetic learner, or tactile learner starting with a basic concept and building up from there is the best way to go. Now, this seems like common sense but sometimes as educators we get ahead of ourselves. From now on I will be doing my best to let the class itself set the pace and focus on strengthening their bodies to facilitate the work we are focusing on at the time.

Even advanced dancers benefit from going back to the basics from time to time to strengthen their knowledge as well as their bodies.

Growing dancers in a safe space at a safe pace has always been and always will be a priority of mine and I am now completely re committed to it. Always remember that practice makes progress!

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