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Why is it important to find a studio where they have built a community?

Many reasons actually.

There is a studio out there for everyone, it all depends on what you are looking for. Some may offer more competitions while some offer a more artistic approach. Some may offer dance classes while some offer more of a leadership program using dance as a tool.

The choice is yours.

One thing I would encourage you to search out is a community, as it is, and should be the base of every great dance studio. Without the proper guidance and structure in place to build such a facility success is limited. Ensuring all children are safe and feel comfortable within a space is paramount. No matter what the studios core values are this should be a pillar of all.

Great things happen when you build relationships but when you build an entire community you are supported in more ways than you can imagine. Just like your Ballet technique will not be steady without a strong foundation the dance studio as whole will not either. So before you decide on a place to pursue your dance education first, take the time, ask the questions and know your studios core values and make sure community is included. From a strong foundation the sky is the limit.

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