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What did I just say? Sounds crazy?

Yes, but hear me out. As a teacher for 27 years, I have learned the importance of evolving with the times and meeting students where they are at.

While I agree that dance is the perfect opportunity to keep children away from screen time, it can also truly add value to their education in dance. I have recently started incorporating into class, just a few minutes, to show a video clip, recommend a book, or show photos on the topic/skill I will be teaching that day. This not only holds the children’s interest but it also assists with all learning styles. Some kids (my visual learners) get a lot out of seeing a video clip of Bob Fosse’s “Rich Man’s Frug” to truly see the specific stylized movement you may be teaching that day. Once they see it executed in the proper way with all the theatrics it really helps them to “get it”. My auditory learners may truly benefit from reading a book about Alvin Ailey to understand where his inspiration and movements came from. This is also important because showing young dancers where their art originated from and from who, it solidifies why they do it and where they themselves can take it. Just another great teaching tool that I have seen the students respond to in such a positive way. So, for all those teachers out there, I encourage you to give it a try. And for the parents and dancers out there, I ask you to keep an open mind to this and maybe even encourage each other to spend some of that home screen time learning about your favorite art form.

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