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Do Not Push Through

Many of us are aware that back in the day dancers that would get injured would “push through.” Whether they put this upon themselves or were told that by their instructor. While this may have made us feel strong and help us to keep moving forward, we now know that this is not the way. Dancing through an injury does not give you extra points, in fact it can possibly cause further injury or at the very least prolong the healing time.

We now must do our best as instructors and dancers to address any injury at the time of occurrence. Rest and time some off may do the trick but often further investigation from a medical professional may be the way to go.

As dancers our bodies are our instruments and if we do not take care of them when injured they will turn on us. Proper nutrition, rest and treatment when injured are paramount. So ditch that old way of thinking and take care of yourself. That, in fact will make and keep your body strong and extend the longevity of your dancing career. Dance safe, Dance smart and stay healthy!

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