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Updated: Nov 27, 2022

The answer in short, is yes!

Class size in a dance classroom is not only important based on physical space but what kind of learning environment it sets.

If you are the parent that truly wants your child to learn technique and focus on all the benefits that dance has to offer then a smaller class size is what you should be looking for. A smaller class size may look different in each studio, again, based on the physical size of the room. When class sizes are smaller it allows the teacher to give more corrections over all as well as individual corrections which are important. This not only will help each dancer to progress through their dance journey and grow as a dancer but it will also give them an opportunity to shine and feel seen by the teacher and their peers. Validating a dancers progress on an individual level is so important to a young dancers growth and may not always be possible in a bigger class even with the very best instructor.

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