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IPad vs. I Can – The Value of Dance

"Before a child talks, they sing. Before they write, they draw. As soon as they stand, they dance. Art is fundamental to human expression." -Phylicia Rashad.

As parents I realize that sometimes you need to pick your battles with devices. So instead of the ongoing struggle why not put your child in dance? With so much stimulation from devices and solitude from the time spent on them children are craving opportunities for activities that involve a positive pathway. Dance is one of those and we believe having your child in dance will not only help them in school but will also give them that added mentor and community they may be seeking.

Children today are having a harder time focusing in school and at home. Dance builds confidence as well teaches them how to focus, work on themselves and support their teammates as well as learning to work hard to achieve a goal. Dance puts children in a setting to learn problem solving skills that will give them a sense of accomplishment while also letting them learn and grow from mistakes. It enhances the imagination and gives them something to do when “they are bored”. When they learn these skills along with time management, it will flow over to the way they approach school and eventually adulthood.

In the above quote it is said that "a child learns art first", this is because it's natural and is fundamental to human expression but also acts as the basis for implementing how to learn. When a child is surrounded by positive role models and a happy and healthy community, they will exceed our expectations. We all need to continue to take positive steps to get back to more human connections in safe and healthy ways. I have witnessed first hand the positive impact dance and dance community can have on a child. Let’s get back to basics. It is, after all what worked in the first place.

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