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As a dancer we all know and expect that while in class we will learn from our teacher but it’s important to remember that you can also learn from your fellow dancers. Often teachers will have dancers take turns to watch each other perform choreography, or have a particular dancer demonstrate something at the barre, this is to help the dancer strengthen their observational skills and implement what they see.

Whether you are the strongest dancer in class or not, there is always something to learn. In fact, if you are not the strongest dancer in class it is a great idea to identify the dancer that is and pay attention to the way they move, the things they are practicing, the way they warm up before class etc. Remember if you are the strongest dancer in class that the most advanced dancers are smart enough to know that you are never too good to dance with beginners and there is much to learn and focus on as a dancer, especially the basic beginner level skills.

So, next time in class, pay attention and take in the entire experience of all that are in the room. Dance class is not just about you and the teacher.

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