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Development and Safety of Our Young Dancers

During the toddler and the earlier years of dance, it is extremely important that the children are not to do physical activity that is not safe for the development of their bodies. In dance training in the later levels, you will see more creative and skilled movements as opposed to the younger years.

Some of the movements in the younger classes may not always look impressive but it is so important for them to learn in a more simple and structured environment.

What is seen in the media is years of training that culminates in the impressive movements. Even the most professional dancers have started with a simple plie, tendue, marching or sliding on their tummy’s to prepare them for what was to come. Dance is a life long party that will never be boring but will take time depending on how much effort you want to put forth.

At RDC our teachers are college-educated and are trained to develop children’s bodies in a safe and effective way by learning step by step. When this is done correctly, and students move through each step when they are ready it will enhance their technical skills for the next level class.

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