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The Ballet Bag

Some of you may be wondering what you should pack in your child’s dance bag or it may be time to clean out the bottomless mess you are currently dragging around with you and are wondering what to keep.

First, yes, it is necessary to have a dance bag even for littles who may only have one pair of shoes to bring and here is why…

It will encourage them to begin the process of being responsible for their things, it will teach them about organization, and it gives them a built-in place to keep their very special sticker card. The sticker card is BIG! They love seeing their growth on the card each week and collecting fun stickers that they have earned throughout the year.

So, what to keep in that dance bag???

Besides the shoes they will need for all their classes, they should have extra hair ties, extra tights, hairbrush, bobby pins (oh so many bobby pins), extra hair nets for buns, hair spray and deodorant for older kids, spare leotard (this is great especially for littles in case of an accident), clean socks, water bottle, leg warmers (especially for those winter months), wet wipes, snack if they have multiple classes throughout the night, warm-up clothing and warm clothing to wear home from class, small first aid kid for older students that should include band-aides, antiseptic, Neosporin, ace bandage, feminine products and toenail clipper for pointe students.

Remember that being prepared for class will start your children off on the right foot by teaching them responsibility, respect, organizational skills and so much more. So, lets all pitch in and help set them up for success!

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