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I’m going to be honest, and you may not like it. I never really loved teaching adult dance classes. That is until recently. While I am a firm believer that dance is for everyone and should accept everyone, I found the adult classes extra challenging. Believe it or not I find that the children actually listen better. There, I said it.

Now, that being said and while it can still, sometimes be a challenge, what I have learned is that it’s beautiful to watch the friendships that are formed, the support that is offered and the achievements that are gained. I have witnessed those moments of not listening, because sometimes they needed to vent or ask for support while dealing with a tough time lessen. I have watched as they began to hang out after class to chat and catch up because they are getting that it’s important to practice, pay attention in class and work hard. I see a desire sparking for them to really want to do their best to the point where they even hold extra practices together on their own time. Now, maybe I got lucky and wound up with a great bunch (which I absolutely did) but I have now learned that a little extra patience may be required but it is absolutely worth it.

They have become one of my favorite classes to teach, while also becoming such a great example of how perseverance, friendship and growth have more in common than we think.

So, if you are an adult and have danced before or not, I suggest taking the leap and trying an adult class out. I can promise you it is always worth it and you will learn so much more than dance. You may even find your tribe.

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