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Believe it or not many dancers that may seem confident on stage in the final performance did not get there overnight.

Many dancers struggle with self confidence regularly in class. To that I say do not let your head lie to your feet. Trust that you have done and continue to do the work to improve your technique. Celebrate little wins along the way and keep your head where your feet are. Remember why you started dancing. My number one reason is because it’s fun. Focus on that and be kind to yourself. If you must, in class, when you finally get that double pirouette or syncopated pull back, say out loud “I did it!” Then, do it again and really see yourself doing it and pause to celebrate. Most importantly believe what you see in the mirror. We all have days when we are down on ourselves but this is yet another way that dance can help if you truly pay attention and believe your own eyes. It can give you that confidence boost and if you are lucky it will carry over to life after dance.

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