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Parents, ever wonder what you are paying for when taking your child to dance?

Yes dance class can add up but is it worth it? Yes, it is because you are not just paying for your child to learn an art form (which is valuable alone) but you are paying for them to learn life lessons through dance and that, you can not put a price tag on.

So what will your child learn from dance?

We can start with how to take care of their body. Learning this at a young age will make their life and health better for the long run.

How about learning to deal with disappointment? We all know it will come in life and while we don’t want it for our children it is inevitable, so why not learn a healthy and productive way to deal with it. Dance teaches that.

Setting goals and learning how to take the steps to achieve them is another important life skill, it’s learned in dance.

Understanding that hard work is important and how to not give up, yep, you guessed it, learned in dance.

All kids need guidance in life and let’s face it, it takes a village, or sometimes a dance studio but I can promise you this is the place to put your most prized possession and know that they will make lasting friendships and be surrounded with positive role models that truly invest right back into your child.

So when you are sending in that payment remember you are not paying for them to learn a fancy dance move but life lessons through an amazing art form in a safe and loving community.

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