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We speak so often about kids these days being on a screen for too long and how that is not the best developmentally for their growth. Well, what if I told you that putting them in dance was the answer to that? Many think that putting children will in dance or any activity will curb that and get them out into the world and that is true. However, in a dance class aren’t they just standing in front of one big screen? We call it a mirror and while I truly feel that it is better than an iPad it may not be the full step up from devices that we need.

In our classes we have begun focusing on connection with fellow dancers in class. Don’t get me wrong, the mirror has value for corrections with placement, spacing etc. but we have turned their friend into the mirror and it has proved to be making incredible progress, not only with connection but in their dancing. Doing a combination facing your friend keeps it fun, teaches them connection, how to look into someone’s eyes and how to be truly present in the moment. I encourage all dance teachers to give it a try, you will absolutely love the outcome and may even find that you yourself will soon be having more fun in class with your dancers.

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