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Updated: Jun 21

Is it important to be a versatile dancer? I believe it is, so how do we attain this? Hopefully your studio offers many styles of dance, which is a great place to start. Maybe over the Summer try a new style or simply ask if you can sit in on a class in a unfamiliar style to see if it is a good fit for you. Another way to do this is to attend any unique dance related classes. This can be anything from nutrition to cross training, pilates, yoga, music classes or simply actual movement classes in a new style. I have found that many dancers tend to be hesitant to a new style or a new concept related to their dance journey. If you are one of those dancers, I encourage you to speak to your studio director or a staff member to maybe explain the class in more detail so you have the opportunity to set your mind at ease and gain the insight and courage to move outside your comfort zone and learn something new. It is also important to be able to learn form different teachers. We as dancers tend to get comfortable with our studio Jazz or Tap teacher but mustering up the confidence to take a guest or pop up class offered at your home studio may be a great way to increase your wheel house of learning from differently styled teachers. The benefits of trying something new, with someone new are just within reach.

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