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You have heard the old saying “If you don’t use it, you lose it” well, that’s true for dancers too. While dancers, as any athletes do need some down time to rest and recover, how much becomes an interesting question.

The answer may vary depending on your level and age but one thing is for sure, taking an entire 2 months off can be a bit much. We all need breaks so maybe the answer is take a few less classes but keep the consistency of dancing weekly so you don’t lose that drive and muscle tone. As an older dancer myself, I find that after too much time without dance is not good for my head. It takes me longer once jumping back in to retain and pick up on combinations. It’s not just the physical aspect you could put a strain on. Also, Summer is a great time to try a new style and just work on having fun and exploring new things in class. So, let me encourage you all to take some time for rest but venture out and get back in the studio to continue your training and try something new. Have fun exploring and remember to take some time to rest. form.

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