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The answer to this thought provoking question may vary depending on who you ask. A basic answer would be that it is a nonverbal form of communication. When asked by a dancer however, watch out, the answers will fill the spectrum based on an individuals experience. Answers may spread from simply it’s an outlet, to it’s a form of expression for me to it’s my air. When asked this question, I have so many answers. Dance has not only done so much for me and my body but effected my life, the people I have surrounded myself with and the experiences I have had as a result of living and growing through this beautiful art form. I encourage you over this upcoming Holiday break to take some of your time off and ponder this question and what Dance truly means to you as it just may change the trajectory of your own dance journey. It may even assist in improving your skills. It is important to know why you are doing what you and understand what it means to you personally.

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