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Been thinking a lot lately about all of the benefits of dance and other kids activities during this time when they so desperately need some sense of normalcy. So, why dance...

Dance is unique in a way that other art forms or even sports are not, in that dance will not only spill over into other activities, daily life but even influence and improve them.

I often receive wide eyed looks when I inform my dancers that many professional football players take Ballet as it helps with coordination, balance and more, who would have thought.

It is an art form which, in and of itself, is beneficial in so many ways but the fact that other activities will look toward it for guidance, strength, flexibility, technique and more is truly telling of just how important it is in our children’s lives as well as our own.

Being part of a strong dance community will help to support and grow attention span, discipline, self esteem, perseverance, physical strength as well as emotional balance. It helps with self expression as well as academics and much more.

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