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When learning anything it can be helpful to first be clear on how you as an individual learn and process new information. This is also true for learning to dance.

As a dance teacher for 26 years I have noticed that all children learn differently, and not just based upon their ages, although toddlers and younger children for sure learn their best through play. There are 7 types of learners such as, Visual (spacial), Aural (auditory) Verbal (linguistic), Physical (kinesthetic), Logical (mathematical), Social (interpersonal), and Solitary (intrapersonal). Most people have more than one learning style but there does always seem to be a dominant one.

As a teacher I have found it very useful to search out and find the particular learning style of each student. By doing this I have seen tremendous growth in my dancers due to the fact that I can explain/demonstrate things in multiple ways therefore communicating with them in “their language”.

Often I see teachers getting frustrated with a child for not understanding when it is truly not their fault, they just need it presented in a different way and once they find what that way is the child usually excels. Our focus at Revelations is to identify the learning style of all dancers and give them the best experience we can by presenting the material to them in a safe, loving learning environment.

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