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A New Dance World

As we begin to open up in the dance world it is a great time to reflect and look back at all we have learned and all we are grateful for during this time. As a dance studio you are only as strong as the team you have united. That said, moving forward what will the culture of this new dance world look like? My hope, is one full of love, understanding, team work and strength. All of which were most likely in place already. All of these have gained momentum and while many may want to go back to how it was, many more are looking forward to it being different and more exciting, with more acceptance of one another and a deeper understanding of gratitude for what we have.

As we move forward, let’s remember why we dance, why we chose our studio, and what we will do with our gift of knowledge and strength we have gained. I encourage you to find a way to take all of your new knowledge and find a way to move from a more authentic place and take your dancing to the edge. Learn to be comfortable in that not knowing of what will happen once you are there. Remember to respect yourself, your classmates, teachers and all others you come to know in this new exciting world that is filled with possibilities.

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