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We all are familiar with the phrase “new year, new me” and while the intentions behind that sentiment can be great, it doesn't always last.

So, instead what if we decided to keep our successful practices and simply add to them. Rather than trying to omit a bad habit or creating a completely new one, take something that is already working and improve on it.

Now is a great time to increase your dance practices at home. Add on a new stretch after your warm up to help increase flexibility or add a couple of extra minutes to practice your choreography.

Right now the world is a bit upside down and we all could use some extra time to focus on self care and improvement. When things get tough, as dancers, we dance! We could all use a break from the news and the stress. How lucky are we that in these times we have something special to lean on and use to help make ourselves better and stronger?

So try out a new move, or take some time to improve the ones you have. Either way by simply adding to an existing routine will help you to make the improvements you have been looking for and help you to achieve your goals.

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