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Most dance studios are on a Summer/Fall break at this time. This is a great opportunity to practice at home. You will be glad you did when you return in the Fall. Take a little time each day to do a quick warm up and some of your favorite stretches.

Staying motivated can be tricky so be sure to find some of your favorite music and get yourself into a routine. You can use a warm up you like from class or make up your own.

Keeping your body flexible and your muscles strong is so important to keep your body stable and functioning at its best.

Remember when working to move through the entire body from the feet up or the head down and of course repeating on each side so you are working equally and thoroughly.

For added fun make up your own dance in your favorite style and record it. You can always go back and review your technique and make any adjustments you notice.

If every day is too much for you, try three times a week to start. Your teachers will notice the difference when you return and so will you.

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