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The Importance of Having a Routine During Quarantine

Two months in of quarantine and things for many are getting tough. The un answered questions, the uncertainty of what things will be like once we re open our worlds can become a bit unsettling.

I want to encourage you to write out a schedule and stick to it. Try to include something each day to keep you inspired, whether it is your favorite podcast, a book or webinar on social media about something you love.

Include some fresh air each day also, whether it’s a bike ride with family or walk with your pup.

Make sure to take some time to practice self care, this is very important right now and the benefits to your mental health are worth the time. Find an activity you love and practice it.

Keeping up with something that was part of your “old routine” like dance is key! It may be in a different capacity than before but do your best to adapt and embrace it. Even if you just focus on some stretching for a day or practice your favorite step on another, it will be worth it when you return to in studio classes and your body will thank you for it.

Most importantly, stay connected. Reach out to your dance friends or teachers. We are all in this together and need to remember how lucky we are to have such a close community we have for support.

Keep dancing!

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